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Nuvia Quintana

Fashion Designer / CEO

The Venezuelan fashion designer Nuvia Quintana, with over 25 years of experience creating haute-couture exclusive designs for Venezuelan and Dominican Republic women, decides to offer her impeccable creations in the US market to continue sharing her passion and love for fashion.

For this reason, in 2016 the brand Nuvia Q is introduced in Miami, FL, a city enriched by cultural diversity that sets trends in the fashion industry.

Nuvia Q is a luxury brand created to satisfy and represent the modern, sophisticated woman with its elegance, innovation and bold designs. Also, Nuvia Q combines the originality and intense colors, typical from Latin America and the Caribbean, with the fashion trends found in the high-end American spirit and the rest of the world.

Nuvia Q designs and produces its own exclusive pret-a-porter (ready-to-wear) and custom bridal dresses, gowns, cocktail dresses and attire for other special occasions as well as accessories, shoes and fine jewelry. Nuvia Q’s products are handcrafted and incorporate the latest trends with the highest quality.

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